Erlon Chaves e Sua Banda Veneno – Banda Veneno Internacional 2 (1973)

Fontana/Philips 6470 505

By now it should be clear to all travellers through Parallel Realities that the latest package received from Pedro & 300discos contains the complete discography of Erlon Chaves (except for Sabadabada,which was reissued on CD  and a Trilha Sonora already posted on Loronix) and, that the albums were prepared and scheduled in advance to appear daily while I am busy with other, hopefully, pleasant matters.

So, read Zecalouro‘s text while enjoying:

01. All My Love Is For You (N. Keys)

02. Tears In My Eyes (Hensley)

03. Listen To The Music (Tom Johnston)
      Woman (Fernando Arbex)

04. I’d Love You To Want Me (Lobo)
      Philosopher (Papini / Schwartz)

05. Superman (A. Vitalis / M. Haubrich)
      I’m On Fire (Findon / Anthony)

06. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder)
      Where Is The Love (R. MacDonald / W. Salter)

07. Carlota e Carolina (Carly & Carole) (Eumir Deodato)

08. Why Can’t We Live Together (Timmy Thomas)
      Clair (Gilber O’Sullivan)

09. Listen (Paul Bryan)
      When I’m a Kid (Stelios Vlavianos / Charalampe Chalkitis / B. Bergman)

10. Don’t Say Goodbye (Paul Bryan / Jim Saloman / Chrystian)
      Don’t Turn Around (Patrick Adams)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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