Musica Romantica com Dick Farney (1954)

Continental LPP 02

Famous Brazilian jazz pianist Dick Farney  has finally his premiere on Parallel Realities with his first career album, a 10′ LP, out of many. 
You may ask why he was not featured earlier…
The answer is simple: Because all of his recordings in my collection have been downloaded from other sites.
Now, as this is a transfer by Pedro, all such considerations are pushed aside.

Enjoy Dick Farney‘s romantic tracks:

Lado A (com Orquestra):

1. Você Se Lembra (Haroldo Eiras / Victor Berbara) Samba
2. Canção do Mar (Bruno Marnet) Toada
3. Grande Verdade (Billy Blanco) Samba
4. Outra Vez (Tom Jobim) Samba-canção

Lado B (com L. Pasquet e Sua Orquestra):

5. She’s Funny That Way (N. Moret / R. A. Whiting) Fox-trot
6. These Foolish Things (Eric Maschwitz / Jack Strachey / Harry Link) Fox-trot
7. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin) Fox-trot
8. You Go To My Head (Haven Gillespie / John Frederick Coots) Fox-trot


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

P.S. On side B Dick Farney is accompanied by the orchestra led by Maestro L. Pasquet about whom I could not find any reference.

On the Lp 12″ Meia-Noite Em Copacabana Com Dick Farney (1956), the Disco has, on the B side track 06 – Toada Amor – Luiz Bonfa and Luiz Pasquet,

I found the info Luis Pasquet (1917 -) born in Salto, Uruguay musician, composer of tangos. He also recorded with the brazilians Joel e Gaucho

I understand that the Uruguayan Luis Pasquet is the same Luis Pasquet, as a musician. And in Castilian or Spanish is not usual a z letter in the name Luis.

Roberto Corte Real, on the back cover, was a Brazilian expert in Jazz, which in the 1960s was a director of EMI-ODEON and CBS in Brazil. The producer Jose Scatena came to have an important recording studio also in 1960s

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