Bossa in Russia

Bossanov has sent me a mail with several links to videos of Russian artists performing Bossa.

Here is a re-print of his mail with links and comments:

“Just to share some nice RUSSIAN music with Braz flavour:

VIDEO 1  2008. Алексей Иващенко и Ирина Богушевская:

Alexei is one of my favourite Russian singer-poets (he is my colleague from the Geographical Faculty of Moscow University) – Alexei Ivashchenko and Irina Bogushevskaya in “Chega de saudade” in Russian. Alexei’s own translation to Russian is so beautiful!!!

Alexei, with another geographer,  Georgy Vassiliev, formed the great duet “Ivasi”, often performing their own songs.

In 2002 Georgy Vassiliev together with 900 people  was taken as hostage by Chechen Terrorists in “DubrovkaConcert Center. Alexei Ivashchenko and some other people jumped from the window and escaped!
More then 170 hostages were killed. Georgy survived, but stopped concert activity. Alexei continued as a singer-poet, but with some saudade! 

VIDEO 2  Aguas de Marco
Another nice translation of AlexeiIrina Bogushevskaya is so charming!!!

VIDEO 3 This is the great Alexander Dolsky (Александр Дольский) from S.Petersburg / Leningrad.

His virtuoso guitar and great poetry in “I’m fool, so…’ («Я глуп и потому…»). It was recorded maybe in 1980, and one of the first bossa novas I heard and immediately loved!

VIDEO 4  This is my favourite Russian jazz-guitar – Alexei Kuznetsov! Very beautiful song with the Vladimir Kull Quartet at the 1965 Moscow Jazz Festival: “The Evening Song” («Вечерняя песня» by Soloviov Sedoy)

Vladimir Kull (piano)
Alexei Kusnetzov (guitar)
Vladimir Smolyanzki (bass)
Alexander Salganik (drums)

Moscow, June/July 1965

VIDEO 5   Bossa-Nova (“Alyosha“) / Босса-Нова (“Алёша»)

Artists: A. Kuznetsov & Variety Orchestra / А. Кузнецов И Эстрадный Оркестр, 1967

Composer: A. Kuznetsov / А. Кузнецов

VIDEO 6  Full album of Alexei from 1981 with nice Bop and some bossa!

VIDEO 7  Not exactly a Russian album by great Estonians – Marju Kuut & Uno Loop! But with a Russian Orchestra – Alexander Ryabov’s (clarinet, sax) Orchestra of Leningrad Radio.”

Créditos: Bossanov


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