Nestor Campos e Seu Conjunto de Boite – Boite (1957)

Musidisc Hi-Fi 2

Nestor Campos had his premiere on Parallel Realities a short time ago and now out of the newest package, which is slowly transferred to my PC, I fished out as the first his second album, a 10′ LP, out of altogether three career albums + two coletâneas + one participation with Turma de Gafieira + four 78 rpms.

For somebody like me who was / and still is a frequent visitor of “Boites“, these tracks are pure enjoyment:

1. If You Can Dream (Sammy Cahn / Nicholas Brodszky) Beguine
2. Corcovado (Steve Bernard / Nazareno de Brito) Samba
3. Mulher de Malandro (Heitor dos Prazeres) Samba
4. Juntinhos Só Nós Dois (Edel Ney / Alventino Cavalcanti) Baião
5. Too Close For Comfort (Jerry Bock / Larry Holofcener / George David Weiss) Beguine
6. Old Man Mambo (B. Taylor)  Mambo
7. Passarinho da Noite (Nestor Campos) Baião
8. Ternura (Nestor Campos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 


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