Nonato e Seu Conjunto (1974)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40518

Piano player Nonato has (with his conjunto, of course) a premiere on Parallel Realities.

This is his first career album out of (as far as I know) altogether four.

The second one, from 1975 was sent to me some time ago by Pedro & 300discos but for some mysterious reason it got rejected two times by Depositfiles’s checker
I am using this opportunity to check why exactly that happened and, while I am writing this text, each individual track is analysed for digital fingerprints. If the polar bear tracks get identified this way, I post this LP but will not include the polar bears in the package.

This album, fortunately complete, sounds quite international and reminds of the music generally played in Europe during that particular period but it has a distinctive Brazilian note.

And a special curiosity (from my point of view) is that one of the musicians from the front cover picture completely bears a striking resemblance to someone I know very well.

Who exactly it might be from this list I do not know, but here it is:

Nonato (Piano)
Pitomba (Baixo)
Oberdan (Guitarra)
José (Vibrafone)
Walter (Crooner)
Chico do Zuca (Sax tenor)
Vavá (Piston)
Garrincha (Bateria)
Piu-Piu (Guitarra base)

The songs:

01. Bisavô (Cleto Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
02. Fitipaldiando (Oberdan Oliveira)
03. Cavala-canga (Sérgio Habibe)
04. Sou Feliz (Oberdan Oliveira)
05. Não Precisa Mais Promessa (Oberdan Oliveira)
06. Jogado Fora (Cleto Júnior)
07. Caçoeira (Oberdan Oliveira / Cleto Júnior)
08. Senhora Ana (Oberdan Oliveira / Sebastião Carvalho)
09. Beco Escuro (Oberdan Oliveira)
10. Ana Paula (Oberdan Oliveira)
11. Viola e Violeta (Sérgio Habibe)
12. Menino Travesso (Antônio Vieira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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