Orlando, Solista de Sax e Seu Conjunto – Que Sodade! (1961)

Chantecler CMG 2105

Sax player Orlando de Oliveira Pinto for the first time on Parallel Realities, together with his conjunto, presenting compositions by Marcello Tupinambá from São Paulo, who the mysterious G. P., the writer of the text on the back cover, defines as the paulista equivalent of carioca Ernesto Nazaré.
Anyway, more to be read in this text…

The arrangements of the songs are by Maestro Guerra Peixe:

01. Que Sôdade (Marcello Tupinambá)
02. Viola Cantedêra (Marcello Tupinambá)
03. Coisa Ruim (Marcello Tupinambá)
04. O Matuto (Marcello Tupinambá)
05. Fandango (Marcello Tupinambá)
06. São Paulo Futuro (Marcello Tupinambá)
07. Xódo (Marcello Tupinambá)
08. Bambuhy (Marcello Tupinambá)
09. Pierrot (Marcello Tupinambá)
10. Trigueira (Marcello Tupinambá)
11. Cabocro de Sorte (Marcello Tupinambá)
12. Piruando (Marcello Tupinambá)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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