Avant Premiere Odeon Vol.1

Odeon PON-01

After the previous album I planned to post (I won’t say which one) was completely rejected by Depositfiles, I was almost absolutely sure that similar will happen with this Various Artists Avant Premiere by Odeon.

Not happy about being right, I checked the files one by one to identify the Polar Bears hidden in the zip.

Unfortunatelly there were three of them and all three were removed from the zip.

The 9 out of 12 tracks that can be enjoyed after download are not marked in red:

01. Quero Beijar-te As Mãos (Arcenio de Carvalho / Lourival Falssal) Anisio Silva (removed from zip)
02. Coqueiro de Itapoan (Dorival Caymmi) Dorival Caymmi (removed from zip)
03. Ouvindo O Gaia (Tia Amélia) Tia Amélia com A Banda Vila Rica
04. Ai ai ai I Like you very much (Gordon / Warren) Carmen Miranda com O Bando da Lua e Orquestra
05. Horas Iguais (J.M. de Abreu / Francisco Mattoso) Orlando Silva
06. Laura (Johnny Mercer) Luis Arruda Paes e Sua Orquestra
07. Atirei O Pau No Gato (Motivo popular recolhido por Stellinha Egg) Stellhinha Egg E As Meninas da Casa de Lázaro
08. Maria La Ô (Ernesto Lecuona) Waldemiro Lemke, Sua Orquestra e Côro
09. Sábias Palavras (Marino Pinto / Mario Rossi) Dalva de Oliveira
10. Gago Apaixonado (Noel Rosa) Moreira da Silva (removed from zip)
11. Lá Vem A Baiana (Dorival Caymmi) Lúcio Alves
12. Sentinela Alerta (Ary Barroso) João Petra


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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