Bené Fonteles – Benedito (1983)

Independente BF 0001

Bené Fonteles‘ first (out of two + two collaborations) album released, like those mentioned in brackets, on an independent label, is somehow similar to something I have heard several months ago: Tetê Espíndola‘s Passaros Na Garganta, released the previous (1982) year.
Tetê Espíndola is by the way performing on one of the tracks.
Participants are also Luli e Lucina and Belchior, who is also in charge of the artistic direction.

Bené‘s compositions are listed as follows:

01. Benedito (Bené Fonteles)
02. Na Verdura do Mar (Bené Fonteles)
03. Dentro da Nuvem (Bené Fonteles) Interpretação: Luli e Lucina
04. Ellis (Bené Fonteles) Interpretação: Belchior
05. O Som da Pessoa (Gilberto Gil / Bené Fonteles)
06. Exemplo da Pedra (Bené Fonteles)
07. O Mm (Bené Fonteles)
08. Nau Pantaneira (Bené Fonteles)
09. Ao Rei (Bené Fonteles)
10. (Bené Fonteles)
11. Aves e Frutos (Bené Fonteles) Interpretação: Tetê Espíndola
12. Aqui (Bené Fonteles)
13. N’aguai (Bené Fonteles)
14. A Chapada Ensina (Bené Fonteles)
15. Oração (Bené Fonteles)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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