Odette Ernest Dias – Historia da Flauta Brasileira – Revelacoes (1981)

Eldorado 47.81.0375

Another premiere of an artist and another one of the “and now, something completely different” tags.

Odette Ernest Dias playing flauta, accompanied by Norah de Almeida on piano and Alencar‘s violão 7 cordas.

In short: Beautiful music in a beautiful cover

The compositions performed are:

1. La Coquette – a Faceira (M. A. Reichert)
2. Souvenir de Bahia (M. A. Reichert)
3. Cruzes Minha Prima (Joaquim Callado)
4. Só Para Moer (Viriato Figueira da Silva)
5. Oyapock (Agenor Bens)
6. Solo de Flauta da Ópera Joana de Flandres (Carlos Gomes)
7. Pourquoi (R. J. Kinsman Benjamin)
8. Fantasia Sobre ”Il Guarany” de Carlos Gomes (J. Briccialdi)

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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