Impacto Cinco (1973)

Entré/CBS 104268

Impacto Cinco‘s premiere on Parallel Realities after two days of repairing my XP and Linux operating systems after a dramatic failure. The worst was the Linux re-instalation where I was forced to install the newest version (a Windows 7 imitation, jammed with thousands of unnecessary programs which runs as slow as possible with unexpected crashes etc).
After several installs and re-installs I had to clean it from the unneeded junk carefully by slowly removing one program after the other (to avoid crashes), leaving just what is absolutely necessary to browse the net, upload, download send and receive mail plus a torrent client which is still not tried out and I can only hope that it will not fail.

All that was a headache which prevented me to hear the album I am presenting today before posting it, so I can tell you nothing about it. I will be able to tell you what it sounds like after I hear it as soon as I get some sleep, but you will find it out before that if you download and listen to these tracks:

01. Quando o Sol Chegar (Sunshine Lover) (Daniel Boone / Rod McQueen / Vrs. Leno)
02. Só Para Mim (Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree) (Irwin Levine / Lawrence Russell Brown / Vrs. Genilson)
03. Ao Teu Encontro (Brown Eyed Girl) (V. Morrison / Vrs. Leno)
04. Te Amo (Genilson)
05. Hoje, Amanhã e Depois (Forever And Ever) (S. Vlavianos / R. Constantinos / Vrs. Piska)
06. Ana Rita (Leno / Nadine)
07. Você Vai Voltar (Bad Bad Leroy Brown) (J. Croce / Vrs. Ernesto Escudero)
08. Não Precisa Nem Pedir (Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet) (P. Koelewijn / Vrs. Leno)
09. Só Penso Em Você (Thinking About You) (Tim Moore / Vrs. Leno)
10. Linda (Prêntice / Idalmir / Etel)
11. Quem Manda Em Casa (El Regañado) (J. Campusano / Vrs. Ernesto Escudero)
12. Terra do Sol (Piska / Gene)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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