Curio e Canarinho – Desculpe A Franqueza

Cantagalo LPC-613

The current package could have comfortably been labeled “Birds, Fish and Pussycats” instead of the usual, sober, numbering:

Starting with the first album out of it prominently displaying on the front cover a pussycat holding her prey with both hands (their elbows only) while being escorted to the dance club, followed by her colleagues on the covers of two albums by Maestro Guerra Peixe (Fish).

Now, with a little trip to Belo Horizonte, come the birds: Curió (Bullfinch) and Canarinho (Canary), a vocal duo from Minas Gerais:

Under the artistic direction by Pedro Sertanejo, Curió & Canarinho are singing:

01. Já Vai Tarde (Canarinho / Curió / Sotero Silveira) Bolero
02. Perdoar É Divino (Canarinho / Tondato / Pedro Saraiva)) Bolero
03. Eu Gosto de Ti (Canarinho / Curió / Apolinario Vieira) Bolero
04. Aniversário Feliz (Canarinho / Pedro Saraiva / Jair Silva) Valsa
05. Alma Atormentada (Canarinho / José Elias) Guarania
06. Adeus Querida (Joel Honorato) Guarania
07. Falsas Juras (Canarinho / Maria Franco / Alencad da Silveira) Tango
08. O Felizardo (Canarinho / José Elias / Jair Silva) Bolero
09. Falsa Madame (Canarinho / Edgar Barbosa / Jésio Araujo) Bolero
10. Amor Sem Fim (Canarinho / José Elias / Paulinho Rafael) Huapango
11. Precoceito de Côr (Canarinho / Curió) Rasqueado
12. Desculpe A Franqueza (Canarinho) Cateretê


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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