Danca das Aguas – Musicas Finalistas do "I Festival Tres Cancoes Para Belem"


This is the final recording from the “Music from the North” series, kindly presented to us all by Pedro & 300discos: The finalists from the festival “Três Canções Para Belém“, from an unknown date (except if someone tells us when exactly it occurred).

This series lasted exactly one month, from September 29th, till today, October 29th and consisted of 72 albums and compactos, out of which not one was rejected by Depositfile‘s copyright checker for infringement of copyrights, which means that all this music was forgotten not only by the audience, but (luckily) also by the DMCA vultures.

I hope that with this action we have drawn at least some attention (of the audience, of course) to this music which, doubtless, deserves it.

I hope that you have enjoyed it all as much as I did.

I also hope that you will enjoy the Dança das Águas and the finalists of the festival performing:

01. Dança das Águas (Antonio Crlos Maranhão) – Antonio Carlos Maranhão
02. Belém Leite Moreno (Carlos Henry Levy Sandoval) – Carlos Henry Levy Sandoval
03. Cantiga Avarandada (José Maria de Vilar Ferreira) – João Kzan
04. Bom Dia Belém (Edir Proença / Adalcinda Camarão) – Edgar Augusto Proença
05. Remorri Por Ti Belém (José Maria de Vilar Ferreira) – Hélio Rubens
06. Belém Belém (Nazareno Tourino) – Hortência Ohana Pinto
07. Belém E Seus Tempos (Antonio Crlos Maranhão) – Grupo Madeira Mamoré
08. Só Belém (Cezar Escõcio de Faria) – Cezar Escõcio de Faria
09. Urubu-chorão (Zelinda Odete Cordovil) – Carlos Alberto e Zelinda Falacão
10. Na Palha do Açaizeiro (Fernando Antunes) – Mariinha
11. Bem Te Vi (Alvaro Jorge de S. Andrade / Pedrinho Cavalléro) – Rafael Lima
12. Águas E Léguas (João Alberto Kzan Gama / Cleodon Gondim) – Hélio Rubens


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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