Carlos Henry – Geracoes (1981)

Independente 5.26.404.093

Carlos Henry was presented with a compacto at the beginning of this Regional series of music on Parallel Realities. I mentioned then that he has recorded at least one career album (as far as I noticed Memoria Musical has noted about his work).

Well here it is.

The tracks:

01. Pão Amassado (Carlos Henry)
02. Sonhos de Valsa (Antônio Carlos Maranhão / Carlos Henry)
03. Canta Compadre (Carlos Henry)
04. Choro e Feitiço (Carlos Henry)
05. O Rei e o Frevo (Cristovam Araújo / Carlos Henry)
06. Bagagem (Carlos Henry)
07. Raízes (Carlos Henry)
08. Choro (Carlos Henry)
09. Substantivo (Carlos Henry)
10. Gerações  (Nego Nelson / Carlos Henry)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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