Grupo Oficina (1990)


01. Bate Coxa (Alcyr Guimarães e Calibre) lambada
02. Meu Pajé (Edyr Proença, Paulo André e Ruy Barata) samba
03. Axé Harmonia (Dito Magé e Albertino Garcia) afoxé
04. Tua Presença (Alcyr Guimarães) samba
05. ”Salop” Francês  (Calibre, Alcyr Guimarães, Muka e Ademir) samba
06. Ladrão de Galinha (Alcyr Guimarães e Emanoel Matos) afoxé
07. Delírios Constantes (Valdenir, Dito e Magê) samba
08. Afoxé do Guarda Xuva Axado (Célio Palheta, Cassio e Cláudio Lobato)  afoxé
09. Cançao Morena (Alcyr Guimarães) carimbó
10. Consciência (Muka e Sosimir) samba


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

7 thoughts on “Grupo Oficina (1990)

  1. What kind of problem exactly? I listened to my copy of track 02.Meu Pajé and the only problem I found is the distorted sound at the beginning of the song, which is probably due to cleaning and I can not help you with that as I received as it is. If the song is incomplete or broken in the .zip file, tell me and I will re-upload it.


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