Guilherme Coutinho – Procura-se (1971)

Chantecler CMGS 9040

Looks like a job for the police….

The suspects are:

Guilherme Coutinho – piano and orgão
Fernando – bateria
Tangerina – contrabaixo
José Carlos, Walter Bandeira – vocals

Participação especial: Clayber de Souza – gaita de boca

Aranjos e direção musical: Guilerme Coutinho

Their deeds are:

01. Saravábabalorixá (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
02. Falência (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
03. Tributo a Mim Mesmo (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
04. Adios Guadalajara (Paulo André / Ruy Barata) vocal: Walter Bandeira
05. Vai Lá (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
06. Crepúsculo (Guilherme Coutinho)
07. Papa Jimmy (Guilherme Coutinho)
08. Vira Broto (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
09. Trepadeira (José Travassos D’aguiar / Marily Velho)
10. Bar do Parque (Guilherme Coutinho) vocal: José Carlos
11. Baby (Caetano Veloso) vocal: Walter Bandeira
12. Belo Kid (Guilherme Coutinho)

Their motto is:


Their local accomplices are: Pedro & 300discos 

Their overseas accomplice is: Milan Filipović 

ANNOUNCEMENT (has nothing to do with the investigation and search for the villains listed above):

Another collector of rare and fine brazilian music has decided to present all interested with gems out of his private collection, which is a trend that is welcome and highly appreciated:
Two days ago he started his blog which looks very promising judging by the first thirteen posts.  
Check it out and you will not regret it:

Raridades Musicais Brasileiras


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