Celso Murilo Orgao e Ritmo – Ritmos Na Passarela (1961)

Pawal P-20.003

Lots of people have been complaining lately that this parallel reality is too clear, straight and sober and that it is impossible to encounter any confusion or similar…

Well, I am determined to keep it that way!

Here is another example of clarity:

To read Zeca‘s text about this album, which is a Pedro transfer, but was posted as a Loronix transfer on Loronix four years ago, you may turn your attention to Órfãos do Loronix where the text will be re-printed, but not before Sunday, August 02, 2009.

You do not have to wait until August 02. 2009 to enjoy Celso‘s performing of the compositions listed below. On the contrary, you are invited to enjoy them starting from now on, until one gray morning you notice that the link turned into the horrifying DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice:

01. Poema do Adeus (Luis Antônio)
02. Look For A Star (Michael Antony)
03. Fiz o Bobão (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
04. Cariñito (Humberto Garin)
05. Falsa Baiana (Geraldo Pereira)
06. Harlem Nocturne (Earle Hagen / Dick Rogers)
07. Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
08. Palhaçada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
09. Chá-chá-chá na Passarela (Celso Pereira)
10. Se Você Disser Que Sim (Luiz Bandeira)
11. Quem Manda na Minha Vida (Herivelto Martins / Raul Sampaio)
12. Theme FromThe Apartment” (Charles Williams)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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