Trio Surdina- Boleros Famosos Vol. 1 – 10′ (1955)

Musidisc- DL-1003- LP 10′

The final 10′ LP to be posted from the Trio Surdina package sent by Alfredo Del-Penho

There were actually two more 10′ LPs inside the package, but they did not pass Depositfile‘s Audible Magic‘s proprietary audio content fingerprinting technology check. Sorry about that, but there it is…

The Boleros presented on Volume 1 (out of two) in the Boleros Famosos series by Trio Surdina are:

Lado A. MD-175:

01. Sinceridade (Gaston Perez)
02. Contigo (Claudio Estrada)
03. Angelitos Negros (M. A. Maciste, A. E. Blanco)
04. Cancion Del Alma (Rafael Hernandez)

Lado B. MD-176:

05. Um Minuto (Gabriel Ruiz)
06. Solamente Una Vez (Agustin Lara)
07. Pecadora (Agustin Lara)
08. Usted (G. Ruiz, J. A. Zorrilla)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho


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