Luiz Bandeira – Nas Madrugadas do Rio (1966)



The last few days I receive an increased quantity of comments to renew links to some music posted on Parallel Realities. Before renewing the links, I check why the file was deleted. If it is because of an expired file or because of a mistake of mine, I do renew them.
If the files got deleted because of complaints of the copyright owner, I do not renew the link.
As much as I take care not to post any copyrighted matereals here, sometimes It happens by mistake as well as it occurs that an album posted a long time ago gets reprinted on CD recently and becomes commercially available.
I respect copyrights and ownership and in such cases instead of a link you may find the advice to DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY.
Sorry about that, but there it is.


Now back to the usual activities:

As often happens, the best performers (from my point of view) are the hardest to find and, as a general rule, they have only a few career albums in their discograpy.

The great singer Luiz Bandeira is a perfect example of the statement made above: He has recorded only 4 career albums + a fifth of the commemoration type, two collaborations with Radames Gnattali as well as some loose tracks.
Some of his work, may be found HERE, including a real highlight: His Cantando No Meia Noite do Copacabana Palace, the only career album (as far as I know) ever presented on the net.

Now, thanks to Pedro & 300 discos, we have the opportunity to enjoy another masterpiece by him, recorded in studio in “Ao Vivo” format.

Luiz Bandeira is accompanied by:

Carlinhos (Órgão, Piano)
Reizinho e Ronaldo (Bateria)
Jorginho (Ritmo) 
Tuca (Contrabaixo) 

The album was produced by Luis Antônio and Benil Santos

The compositions are:

01. Vem Chegando a Madrugada
      (Noel Rosa de Oliveira / Zuzuca)
      (Haroldo Lobo / Niltinho Tristeza)
      Eu Não Tenho Ninguém
      (Francisco Neto / Carvalhinho)
      Balancei a Roseira
      (João de Barro)
      Cheguei Agora
      (Luiz Bandeira / Renato Araújo)

02. Aquarela do Brasil
      (Ary Вarroso)
      (Ary Barroso)
      Morena Boca de Ouro
      (Ary Вarroso)
    É Luxo Só
      (Ary Вarroso / Luis Рeiхoto)

03. Saudade da Bahia
      (Dorival Сaymmi)
      Você Já Foi à Bahia
      (Dorival Сaymmi)
      Samba da Minha Terra
      (Dorival Сaymmi)

04. Aurora
      (Roberto Roberti / Mário Lago)
      Mamãe Eu Quero
      (Jararaca / Vicente Paiva)
      (Haroldo Lobo / Antônio Nássara)
      (Lúcio de Castro / Heber Lobato / Marinósio Filho / Mirabeau)
      Cidade Maravilhosa
      (André Filho)

05. Obsessão
      (Mirabeau / Milton de Oliveira)
      Jarro da Saudade
      (Mirabeau / Daniel Barbosa / Geraldo Blota)
      Império do Samb a
      (Zé da Zilda / Zilda do Zé)
      Madeira de Lei
      (Luiz Bandeira / Renato Araújo)
      Está Chegando a Hora
      (Tradicional / Adpt. Henricão / Adpt. Rubens Campos)

06. Tá Tudo Aí
      (Luiz Bandeira)

07. Feitiço da Vila
      (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
      O Orvalho Vem Caindo
      (Noel Rosa / Kid Pepe)
      Palpite Infeliz
      (Noel Rosa)
      Com Que Roupa
      (Noel Rosa)

08. Já Vou Já Vou
      (Luiz Bandeira)

09. Eu Não Peço Outra Vez
      (Jair Milanez)

10. Despedida
      (Jair Milanez)

11. Ronda das Sombras
      (Aldemar Paiva / Inaldo Vilarim)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos 


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