Zézinho – Portela 1962 / 63 – Compacto (1963)

Parallel Realities Studio 2013

In the previous post I complained about the lack of Zézinho‘s vocals on Lindolfo Gaya‘s LP, but honestly speaking, I don’t know why Zézinho should sing on this one, when he has not sung on (as far as I know) any one of Gaya‘a recordings…

Still, the lack of more by Zézinho is simply evident, so I decided to do something about it.

A short trip through parallel realities, revealed one in which a compacto with three Carnaval compositions sung by Zézinho was released. On side A were two songs recorded for the 1962 Carnaval and on side B one track from the 1963 Carnaval:

Lado A (1962):

A1. Sofrer Por Errar (Aniceto J. Andrade)
A2. Incrível Destino (S. Costa / Beatriz L. Silva)

Lado B (1963):

B1. Lá Vem Portela (Billy Blanco) com Côro Odeon



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