Dila (1971)

Série Curtiição CID-14.014
An album by Dila which is not exactly a premiere, as it was posted a long time ago someplace else. 
But not as a Pedro transfer…
The black pearl is performing (unlisted on Memória Musical) the following songs:
01. Inez
02. Adeus Bonfim
03. Madalena
04. Fim De Papo
05. Saberás
06. O Morro Não Tem Vez
07. Como É Que É Bicho?
08. As Paredes Têm Ouvidos
09. Festa Para Um Rei Negro (Samba Enredo Do Salgueiro/71)
10. Seleção De Mangueira
11. Perdoei
12. Refém Da Solidão


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

9 thoughts on “Dila (1971)

  1. A solid album by an interesting singer, well produced and decorated with one of the catchiest covers by Joselito. I always wondered why Dila recorded only this album until I read somewhere on the internet that she died in a car crash soon after this promising debut.

  2. friend, use this host: “Hightail” I have some posts on my blog for it and have not had many problems, the links are hardly on off

    1. Thanks for the advice, but it is not so much a matter of servers. When a post contains a link to an album that is copyrighted (regardless if the server does or does not reject it) the blog may get closed. This blog you are visiting now is just a reduced mirror site of my original blog on blogger which got closed after five years just because of that.

  3. you only do posting of Brazilian music?
    If Interesting, I have a rare album Roberto Carlos for posting, Canta A La Juventud, Venezuelan edition.


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