Orquestra Rudá Conduizida por Rogério Duprat – Clássicos em Bossa Nova (1959)

PP-LP-D 102

Here is another transfer (by Pedro) of an album that Zeca received from Claudia Beraldo and posted it several years ago on Loronix. Claudia‘s transfer (with another cover) can be found on the net, also Zeca‘s text about it is reproduced as you might have guessed on Órfãos do Loronix.

01. O Guarani (Antônio Carlos Gomes)  Abertura
02. Valsa Op 61 Nº 1 Em Lá Bemol (Frédéric Chopin)
03. Andantino da Quarta Sinfonia (Tchaikovsky)
04. Tema de Concêrto Para Piano Op 54 (Schuman)
05. Noturno Op 9 Nº 2 Em Mi Bemol (Frédéric Chopin)
06. Prelúdio e Brinde da Traviata (Giuseppe Verdi)
07. Dança Macabra Op 40 (C. Saint / Shens)
08. Tema do 1º Movimento da Sinfonia Quarta (Johannes Brahms) – Tema do 1º Movimento da Sinfonia Quinta  (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
09. O Cisne  (Saint-Saens)
10. Andante Cantabile da Quinta Sinfonia  (Tchaikovsky)


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos

P.S. The mystery about Trio Penumbra was intriguing enough for several friends to comment upon it, giving valuable information as well as sound guesses, yet it remains unclear. Thanks to all for the interest and willingness to help determine the identity of the three perfect instrumentalists of the Trio Penumbra.

There is another question I am trying to find an answer to, concerning Nicolino Cópia‘s Prelúdio de Amor, posted here on the 6th of April.
The last track, Deixe composed by an unknown composer, is for my taste the absolute highlight of this generally beautiful album, mostly due to a fascinating female singer, whose performance is hypnotic and full of feeling.
The back cover of this album credits Odaléa, Hortência and Severino Filho as coro on two tracks: Fiorin Fiorello and Рiссolissima Serenata and a Claudia Barroso is credited as vocal on Piccolissima Serenata.
Highly probable is that Claudia Barroso is also singing Deixe, although it is not mentioned on the back cover.
Needless to say that I searched as best I could to find out if it is the famous cantora brega Claudia Barroso singing on this album prior to her official first recording which is a 78 rpm from 1962 (which I do not have in my collection).
Comparing voices did not eliminate this possibility, but the style of Claudia Barroso on her career albums is drastically different in genre, arrangements and atmosphere in general and makes it difficult to confirm it…
If sombebody knows more, he is invited to write a few lines, if not, I strongly suggest attention for this track (and the complete LP, of course) as it is really fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Orquestra Rudá Conduizida por Rogério Duprat – Clássicos em Bossa Nova (1959)

  1. Claudia Barroso has a beautiful voice. In 1957, after a successful participation in the Renato Murce radio program, she was invited by Marisa Gata Mansa to an audition at the Copacabana Palace nightclub (Rio de Janeiro). She passed the test, and become a professional singer. Later, she was hired to sing at "Captains Bar", a club at the Hotel Commodore (São Paulo). There she sang with Walter Vanderley, Paulinho Nogueira and Pedrinho Mattar. For her talent and versatility she became a crooner very disputed by the owners of nightclubs in São Paulo. She sang with Zimbo Trio, Johnny Alf, Marta Mendonça, Noite Ilustrada, Djalma Ferreira and Jair Rodrigues, among others. I think it was only later, after participating of Silvio Santo´s TV jury in the 70´s that she was captured by the "Brega side of Brazilian music".

  2. Thanks for these informations. I have 10 of her albums and several compactos. The oldest album in my collection is from 1971 and all of them are simply out of my focus of interest (no need to explain why, as you know my taste well).You also know that I would love to hear more music from her night clubs period if such exist as recordings at all.


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