Ivan Roskov – Casatschok (1969)

Рhiliрs Р 632.925 L

The absolute rarity: The only album ever recorded by Ivan Roskov!

The question which is tormenting any visitor of Parallel Realities stumbling upon this post, is obviously:

Who is Ivan Roskov?

Ivan Roskov is the (one time only) alias of Maestro Rogerio Duprat. On his LP from 1969 he is performing, (as Ivan Roskov), these compositions:

01. Casatschok (B. Rubaschkin)
02. Those were the Daуs (G. Raskin)
03. Toi Toi Toi (T. Рerdone)
04. A Вanda (Сhiсo Вuarque)
05. Lieсhtensteiner Рolka (R. Lindt – E. Kelsсher)
06. Tema de Lara (Mauriсe Jarre) – Noites de Moscou (I. Dunayevsky)
07. Ob-la-di  Ob-la-da (Lennon – MсСartneу)
08. Otchichornia (D.P.)
09. Planicie (D.P.) – Barqueiros do Volga (D.P.)
10. Nunсa aos Domingos (M. Нadjidakis) – A Dança de Zorba (M. Theodorakis)
11. Barril de Chope (Beer Barrel Polka)
12. Boublitchki (D.P.) – Сzardas (V. Monti)


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7 thoughts on “Ivan Roskov – Casatschok (1969)

  1. Hi, Milan!!!Thank you for this (rather kitschy in case of russian songs) interesting album!Some comments (acc. to Russian Wiki): (1) "Casatschok" is the modern variation (1970th) on folk dancesthemes of "kazaks or casacs" from Southern Russia by russian emigree and "kazak" himself Boris Rubashkin. You may be know, that "kazaks" was border warriors similar to "granicari".(2) "Those were the days" is in reality russian romance "Darogoi Dlinnoyu = On Long Road" of Boris Fomine from 1920th(3) "Noites de Moscou" was composed not by Isaak Dunayevsky, but Vassily Soloviov-Sedoy in 1950th.(4) "Ochi Chornia=Black Eyes" is the old (1840th) russian romance of Nikolai DeVitte, like Walter Wanderley, man with Holland roots.(5) "Planicie" is "Polyushko-Pole", song about Russian Civil War, written by Lev Knepper in 1934.It was widely published after 2WW, for example in "Benny Goodman in Moscow"(6) "Boublitshki=Baygels" is the cabaret song of Yakov Yadov from 1920th.I Must say, that all this is rather pop side of russian folk music. In reality russian folk is large continent of rhythms and styles of different kinds.Bossanov

  2. Hi! This LP in original named as Dimitri Dourakine und sein Orchester (et Son Orchestre) – ''Casatschok'' (1969) Philips 370746 BF'If you wanna see, listen and download this one LP in HQ stereo sound, please welcome come to my bloghttp://forgottenmasterpieces.blogspot.com/ Hello from Russia, Vova

  3. Hi Milan, Hi Vova!Sorry, but I'm not think, that Dimitri Dourakine's album is the same as Rogerio Duprat's. You can't find "A Banda", "Ob-la-di" or "Zorba" on former, and some other songs on later. Rather super popular at the end of 60th "Casatschok" was recorded independently in various countries.And in addition: two examples of THE REAL RUSSIAN FEELING (can I say "saudade"?) in music. Pelageya singing "Not for me" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNUQDN2Rbz8 and Russian gipsy Alyosa Dimitrievich singing "Ya milogo uznayu" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRB86-XER6s Both songs about farewell forever. Crying…Sincerely. Bossanov.

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