Gay Vaquer – The Morning Of The Musicans (1973)

RСA Victor 103.0059

As far as I know Gay Vaquer has recorded only this album and the EP presented in the previous post.

Here is the list of participants that particular morning:

Gay Vaquer: Violão, Guitarra 
Jane DubocJane Vaquer”: Vocal 
Luis Eça: Piano acústico e elétrico 
Paulo Moura: Sax soprano e alto, Flauta 
Novelli: Baixo 
Everaldo Ferreira e Bill French: Bateria e Percussão 

The tracks, all composed by Gay Vaquer, are:

1. 5 20
2. People’s Blues
3. A Cybernetic Tragedy
4. Dimensions
5. Awakening In Absolute Elsewhere
6. Fantastic Realism
7. Da Capo Al Fine


Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos


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