Candinho Na Interpretação de Nelsinho (1979)

Museu da Imagem e do Som MIS 033

Nelsinho do Trombone‘s tribute to Candinho.

Compositions composed by Cândido Pereira da Silva aka Candinho:

01. Reclamando (Candinho)
02. O Nó (Cândido Pereira da Silva “Candinho”)
03. O Que Diz Minh’alma (Candinho)
04. Triste Alegria (Candinho)
05. Chorando (Candinho)
06. Abgail (Candinho)
07. Curitibanas (Candinho)
08. Sofro Sem Querer (Candinho)
09. Dança de Urso (Candinho)
10. Isabel (Candinho)
11. Trinta de Janeiro (Candinho)
12. Martirizando (Candinho)


According to the Serbian Calendar, today is Сретење Господње.
There is a popular belief saying that every year upon this date, bears wake up from hibernation, go out of their caves, and if they see their shadow they return back to their caves and continue hibernation.

This signals that the winter will continue for six more weeks.  

If the bears stay outside, this means that the winter will end very soon.

Every year upon this date the cameras of Serbian State TV are at a strategic place in the Belgrade Zoo, ready to capture this event and show it in the News.

Today, the Bear, residing in the Zoo, was filmed as he came out and he stayed outside.

So far this kind of weather forecast has proven 100% accurate.

Créditos: Pedro & 300 discos


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