Don Pacheco y Su Ritmo Tropical – Rumbas Inolvidables (1960)

Роlуdor LРNG 4.060

Now something different… Don Pacheco has his premiere with his tropical orchestra performing rumba and rumba canción at my place  in Belgrade and in this parallel reality with an album (date unknown for me) released in Brasil.
About Don Pacheco I can only guess… Apart from the first association mixed with a mafia flavor, I suppose that he is originally from Cuba or maybe Argentina
On the back cover there is a text in Spanish written by another mafioso, a certain Don Pablo Monteverde, but it is all about Rumba, without much information about Don Pacheco
If someone knows more, he is invited to write a comment and I will update this post accordingly.

Anyway, while meditating about the mysterious Don Pacheco, enjoy listening to these tracks full of rhythm and sun:

01. Cachita
02. Cubanacan
03. El Manisero
04. Espanha
05. Pa-Ran-Pan-Pan
06. South American Way
07. Para Vigo Me Voy
08. Lamento Boricano
09. Bim-Bam-Bum
10. Frenesi
11. La Cucaracha
12. Siboney


Créditos: Anonymous / 300 discos

EDIT 1: First info: Don Pacheco is Maestro Pachequinho.

EDIT 2: Second info: According to Memória Musical, Maestro Pachequinho recorded 8 LPs as Don Pacheco, from 1959 to 1977. The majority of them were composed by Rumbas, Boleros and Cha-cha-chas, but Don Pachecho also recorded a rock LP: “Hoje é dia de Rock”, by Don Pacheco e sua Orquestra (1960).
By the way, “Rumbas Inolvidables” is from 1960.


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