Via Negromonte (1986)

Some time ago, during an SLSK chat with a friend, he mentioned Via Negromonte, an actress and singer…
As the actress and singer is an intriguing combination, which proved in several cases to be a hit (Odete Lara, Norma Bengell etc) I added, out of curiosity, to my Santa Claus list two of her albums.
Well, both have been just sent to me by my friend The Trackfinder (wearing the Santa Claus outfit prematurely), and here they are.
The first one containing the following tracks
01. Jura

02. Sede
03. Hello Baby
04. Eu Não Sei Ler
05. Quando Eu Fui Ferido
06. Sem Teu Amor
07. Quero Agitar
08. Fúrias
09. Only A Dance
10. Vibração

may be found in


Créditos: The Trackfinder

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