Orquestra Milionários Del Rio Em Hollywood – No. 2 (1964)

Copacabana CLP 11382

I will be so free to call this a Hollywood premiere on the net, as this album by Chaim Lewak and his Orquestra Milionários Del Rio has probably not experienced the inter net up to now.

An euphoric travel through time and space will transport you to a Hollywood of another century while listening to:

01. Theme FromThe Prize” (D. Cochran / J. Goldsmith)
02. Guitarras En La Noche (A. Algueró Jr. / G. Moreu)
03. It Had Better Be Tonight (Henry Mancini / J. Mercer)
04. A Place Called Hapiness (H. Harris)
05. Where do You Run (A. J. Heiburg / H. Woode)
06. Je M’en Fous (N. Oliviero / R. Ortolani / M. Ciorciolini)
07. Rome Adventure (M. Steiner)
08. Addio Amore (Devilli / Mario Nascimbene)
09. It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, World (Ernest Gold / Mack David)
10. House Of Sand (L. Baxter / J. Winn)
11. The Love Song Of Tom Jones (J. Addison / M. David)
12. Theme FromLillies Of The Field” (J. Goldsmith)


Créditos: Anonymous & 300 discos


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