Bob Fleming – Brasa Jovem Vol.1 (1966)

Musidisc XPL-46

The pressure is growing daily. Complete albums are deleted from servers and posts removed by blogger because of just one song (according to the explanation). For example, Marisa Gata Mansa’s A Suave Mariza LP has been deleted and the post removed from Parallel Realities because one composition is composed by Carlos Lyra…
Most Maysa’s songs are reason enough for file removal etc etc.

So please, if you see a removed link here, do not ask for a re-post.

Morale of this story:
If you think twice before downloading, bear in mind that tomorrow you may be advised to make your download yesterday.

Now back to the usual routine:

Another never before on the net Bob Fleming album, sent to us by Anonymous & 300 discos.
A Bob Fleming, different from the Bob Fleming posted yesterday.
While on the previous (No Cinema), Bob Fleming was identified as Zito Righi, this Bob Fleming release is identified as not by Zito.
Unless there is a third Bob Fleming or even a large group of Flemings, we can safely assume that this time it must be Moacyr Silva hiding his true name, while performing for Musidisc.

A curiosity: 8 songs out of 12 are by Јоhn Lеnnоn & Раul MсСаrtnеу.

01. A Volta (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
02. Capri C’est Fini (Hervé Vilard / Marcel Hurten)
03. O Meu Primeiro Amor (You’re Going To Lose That Girl) (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
04. Mexerico da Candinha (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
05. You Can’t do That (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
06. Girl (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
07. Yesterday (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
08. Eight Days a Week (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
09. Um Grande Amor (I Knew Right Away) (A Cogan / S. Foster)
10. Things We Said Today (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
11. Do You Want To Know a Secret (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)
12. If I Fell (Јоhn Lеnnоn / Раul MсСаrtnеу)


Créditos: Anonymous & 300 discos

4 thoughts on “Bob Fleming – Brasa Jovem Vol.1 (1966)

  1. The composers of the "ainda sem compositor" tracks are:01. A Volta (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos) 03. O Meu Primeiro Amor (You're Going To Lose That Girl) (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) 05. You Can't do That (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) 06. Girl (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) 09. Um Grande Amor (I Knew Right Away) (A Cogan / S. Foster) Then, the number of Lennon & McCartney songs are in fact equal to 8.Abraços,


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