Bob Fleming – No Cinema (1963)

Musidisc XPL-29

The once famous cinema in downtown Belgrade called 20 ОКТОБАР, notorious for spaghetti westerns, Bruce Lee movies and similar, has been closed for business more than a decade ago and is still nothing else but a closed cinema, with a billboard above the entrance, a left-over from glorious times, displaying the following text:


Bob Fleming‘s No Cinema album, received from Anonymous & 300 discos is, like many other albums by Bob Fleming, wrongly regarded as Moacyr Silva‘s work performed under the false name of Bob Fleming.
It is true that Moacyr Silva has done lots of albums as Bob Fleming, but this one he has not. Recently it got clarified with a list of albums Zito Righi has recorded, No Cinema is among them.

Call him Zito or Bob, but the compositions he plays are unmistakably these:

01. Тhе Lаst Timе I Sаw Pаris (Јеromе Кеrn / Osсаr Наmmеrstеin II)
02. Theme From ”A Summer Place” (Max Steiner / Mack Discant)
03. Make Believe (Јеromе Кеrn / Osсаr Наmmеrstеin II)
04. Tonight (L. Веrnstеin / S. Sоndhеim)
05. Smile (Сhаrlеs Сhарlin / J. Turnеr / G. Раrsоns)
06. Реpe (Наns Wittstаtt)
07. Strаngеr In Раrаdisе (Rоbеrt Wright / Gеоrgе Fоrrеst)
08. Unсhаinеd Mеlody (Аlех North / Ну Zаrеt)
09. Moon Rivеr (Неnrу Маnсini / Јоhnnу Mеrсеr)
10. Thrее Сoins In Thе Fountain (Sаmmу Саhn / Јulе Stуnе)
11. Thеmе From Thе Маgnifiсеnt Sеvеn (Е. Веrnstеin)
12. Sесrеt Love (Sаmmу Fаin / Раul Frаnсis Wеbstеr)


Créditos: Anonymous & 300 discos

8 thoughts on “Bob Fleming – No Cinema (1963)

  1. Dear Mr. Milan: Marvelous !! please keep going and giving us so much enjoy with another albums from Moacyr, Zito or Bob Fleming.By the way, do you know from Sergio Carvalho e Seu Conjunto other albums except "Alta Tensao"? When possible, let me know; thanks again, Luis.

  2. Dear Mr. Milan: Thanks for the advise; concerning "Ritmo, Danca e Alegria" it is missed at this moment- do you have the link for this in your vaults ? And please keep going with the "Saxos de Ouros" postings.Best regards, Luis

  3. Dear Mr. Milan: Thanks for the hope; I will wait for the Carvalho re-post when you be able to do it; thanks also for those other Bob Fleming (Moacyr, Zito or whatever) albums that you are giving us day by day- please do not stop !!Regards, Luis.


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