Os Romanticos – Bossa Nova (1963)

While archiving my musical files I noticed an album, downloaded from loronix a long time ago, gathering dust among thousands of others… It is clear that I have albums still waiting to be heard but this one is remarkable for several reasons, apart from the (excellent) music. Zeca wrote in his original post (which you may read inside the first comment), that this album is a complete mystery for him, as well as to Caetano Rodrigues who was the one that contributed it.
Nothing is known. The musicians, the release date and even the label for which it was recorded remained a complete mystery to the present day.
An unasked question is solved, though.
What ringed a bell was the cover. It seemed familiar at first sight. At the second glance I realized that it is a part of a mosaic from the byzantine Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, created in the 5th century, representing
EmpressTheodora, the wife of the roman Emperor Justinian.
To solve the other mysteries surrounding this album, I have to rely on my friends from Brasil, hoping that someone has the exact info and is willing to share it with us all.

He and all others are welcome to enjoy these tracks:

01. Lindos Olhos Azuis
02. Preciso dar um Jeito
03. Chega de Sofrer
04. Depois do Carnaval
05. Historia
06. Corcovado
07. O Amor em Paz
08. De Mais Amor
09. Menino Desce Dai
10. Samba em Preludio
11. Deixa a Nega Gingar
12. Que Saudade


Créditos: Zecalouro / Caetano Rodrigues

EDIT: An answer to the mystery came faster than I could imagine, thanks to 300discos and Frank-Oliver.
It is actually another edition of Trio Surdina em Bossa Nova from 1963 with a different track order.
Thanks friends!
The musicians are:
Waltel Branco: Violão
Chiquinho: Acordeom
Patané: Violino

Rubens Bassini: Caixeta
Plínio: Bateria
Ary Carvalhães: Baixo

Waltel Branco

3 thoughts on “Os Romanticos – Bossa Nova (1963)

  1. Zeca's text about this mysterious album as found on loronix:I think we are entering on a phase where everybody is excited to know not credited artists behind Bossa Nova albums. Caetano Rodrigues comes to bring another contribution to our community. Caetano comes with a challenge, delivering an album that I could not gather any info about. Let's see.This is Os Romanticos – Bossa Nova (no date), for unknown label. I'm not sure if Caetano Rodrigues knows the Brazilian label that issues Os Romanticos, otherwise, this should be the first album released at Loronix with a non-identified label. Anyway, the mystery is not finished; we don't know who is Os Romanticos, musicians and release date. The album features soft instrumental Bossa Nova renditions performed with percussion, bass, guitar, accordion and violin. Caetano urges Loronixers to get more information about Os Romanticos – Bossa Nova.


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