Raul de Barros – Com Seu Trombone Romântico (1955)

Odeon MODB 3018

I just received from a friend, who already helped me a lot by re-uploading some of my recordings and sending me the links, several albums by the famous trombone player Raul de Barros, also as links leading to each album in particular. I must confess that this saves me from the horrors of uploading using my slow internet connection and allows me to post more frequently than usual. So stay tuned for the (almost) complete discography of this fine musician.
Mysteriously, this friend has chosen to remain anonymous and even I don’t know anything about his identity…

As you can imagine, I am starting with the oldest recording in this series, a 10 inch from 1955 consisting of these compositions:

1. Linda Flor (Ai Ioiô) (Henrique Vogeler / Luis Peixoto / Marques Porto) Samba-canção
2. Melodia Celestial (Raul de Barros) Choro
3. Vamos Com Calma (Ivan Paulo da Silva “Carioca”) Choro
4. Voltei ao Meu Lugar (Ivan Paulo da Silva “Carioca”) Choro
5. Poema (Zdenko Fibich) Samba-canção
6. Please (L. Robin / R. Rainger) Fox-trot
7. I’d Never Forgive Myself (Nunca Me Perdoei) (G. Martin / McAvoy) Fox
8. Intermezzo (Heinz Provost) Fox



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