Bob Fleming – Este e Bob Fleming (1961)

Sometimes lately, I have the feeling that the evil shadow of darkness is covering the world. Greed has become beastly and the will to enslave others unbearable. The shadow is everywhere and it gets darker and darker day by day. You can see it everywhere you look and everyone’s freedom is limited more and more.
The final goal is to root out any sign of human behavior, art, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom in general.
The internet is a special target for the oppressors. Last night I checked out Flavia‘s site Abracadabra and received a shock. After Megaupload and a few others that followed, Mediafire probably got scared and started acting in panic: Flavia‘s about 1000 albums hosted on Mediafire got all deleted and her account closed.
She accompanied this news with a short text on her site which sounds as if anyone of us would have written in a similar situation.
Anyway, I completely agree with Flavia. Maybe it would be good to read her thext. It is here.
In the meantime, I am continuing to fix all broken links on Parallel Realities, even though I feel that it is a battle that I will probably loose. The beasts will not stop until the internet is transformed to an advertising place for products of industry, propaganda and trash in general.
Of course, pockets of resistance still exist and with the help from above, we will continue our fight for freedom.

Like the freedom to decide if you want or not want to have this album, re-posted from loronix, which is out of sale, in your collection and enjoy or not enjoy these tracks:

01. All The Things You Are
02. Bat Masterson
03. It’s Wonderful
04. Laura
05. Deep Purple
06. All The Way
07. Stella By Starlight
08. Exodus
09. Dancing In The Dark
10. All My Tomorrows
11. I’m In The Mood For Love
12. Blue Moon



Créditos: Zecalouro


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