Carlos Machado – A Grande Revista (1955)

FELIZ NATAL, MERRY CHRISTMAS, FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!Today’s post has just a slight link to Santa Claus: The typical Santa’s red and white colors on the front cover…
What exactly this package contains may be read inside the first comment, where Zeca‘s text as found on loronix where this album was originally posted, is reproduced.

Here is just the track list:

1. Pot-pourri:
(Miraski / D’Arco)
(Louis Castelluci)
Show Business
(Billy Davis)
Narração de Silvia Fernanda
El Trovador
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
T’en Al Marre
Intérprete(s): As Garotas
Intérprete(s): As Garotas / Grande Otelo
Intérprete(s): As Garotas / Hélio Coluna
(Amadeu do Vale / Carlos Dias)
Intérprete(s): Gilda Valença
(H. Weeks / O. Wallace)
Pierrot e Colombina
(Edu Neves / Oscar de Almeida)
Sai da Raia
(J. B. da Silva “Sinhô”)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
Ai Amor
(Freire Júnior)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
Cabeleiras à La Garçone
(Sá Pereira / Marques Porto)
Intérprete(s): Afonso de Carvalho

Yaya Fruta de Conde
(F. Soriano Robert)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
O Homem Que Eu Gosto
(Sá Pereira / Marques Porto / Luis Peixoto)
Bonequinha de Seda
(Gilda de Abreu / Narbal Fontes)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
Dá Nela
(Ary Barroso)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
Linda Flor
(Henrique Vogeler)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda / As Garotas
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
No Tabuleiro da Baiana
(Ary Barroso)
Intérprete(s): Grande Otelo / Lhana Mistral / Helena Amaral
Boneca de Pixe
(Ary Barroso / Luis Iglesias)
Intérprete(s): Grande Otelo / Mara Abrantes
Lullaby Of Broadway
(A. Rubin / H. Warren)
Intérprete(s): Silvia Fernanda
If I Had a Talking Picture Of You
(De Sylva / L. Brown / R. Hederson)
Intérprete(s): Hélio Coluna
(Ary Barroso)
Intérprete(s): Billy Davis

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Créditos: Zecalouro

One thought on “Carlos Machado – A Grande Revista (1955)

  1. Zeca's text as it originally appeared on loronix:I think it is time to show through a live recording, one of the coolest artistic manifestation from Brazil, very popular and famous in the 40's and 50's, the Teatro Revista. Teatro Revista were popular theatre plays with live music and comedy based on what was Brazil daily agenda, covering, spots, politics and other social critics. A bit of sensuality was also part of Teatro Revista plays. Let's check this very old Mocambo record, featuring one of the greatest Brazilian artists on the genre, Grande Otelo.This is Carlos Machado – A Grande Revista (1955), for Mocambo, recorded live at a Teatro Revista play, performed at Night and Day nightclub, featuring Grande Otelo, Silvia Fernanda, Mara Abrantes, Billy Davis and Gilda Valença. This is a great stuff if you had the chance to live those good times, I never could realized that a record with the live audio of a Teatro Revista still exists. I did not find a reasonable Grande Otelo performance on video, that's why I'm showing another great artists of those days, Oscarito, with a excerpt of a 1950 movie, Aviso aos Navegantes, directed by Watson Macedo.


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