Orquestra Hector Lagna Fietta – Roberto Carlos en… Tango (1979)

I long time ago I downloaded from Rafael via SLSK an album by Hector Lagna Fietta which he had received from Jotaefe, a great admirer of Roberto Carlos.
There is not much I know about this recording except that the music is composed by Roberto Carlos. Is it a compilation or a career album I do not know as a check on Memoria Musical revealed no clue suitable to resolve this dilemma, as it was not even listed there.
Also the date of the release is a mystery, which will hopefully be revealed by someone whose knowledge i greater than mine.

While waiting for answers, turn on your speakers and enjoy these compositions:

01. Café da Manhã (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
02. Outra Vez (Isolda)
03. De Tanto Amor (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
04. Jogo de Damas (Isolda e Milton Carlos)
05. Namoradinha de Um Amigo Meu (Roberto Carlos)
06. A Distância (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
07. Os Seus Botões (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
08. Não Se Esqueça de Mim (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
09. Preciso Chamar Sua Atenção (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
11. E Por Isso Estou Aqui (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
12. Canzone Per Te (Endrigo e Bardotti)


Créditos: Jotaefe / Rafael Moliv

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