Joyce – Encontro Marcado (1969)

Another friend’s request and re post from loronix. Zeca‘s text about this LP is inside the first comment.

On this album Joyce is performing:

01. Adam, Adam (D.P.)

02. Encontro Marcado (Joyce)

03. Bom Dia (Gilberto Gil – Nana Caymmi)

04. Copacabana Velha de Guerra (Sergio Flaksman – Joyce)

05. Como vai, vai bem? (Nelson Ângelo)

06 .Asa branca (Luiz Gonzaga – Humberto Teixeira)

07. Longe do Tempo (João Carlos Pádua – Danilo Caymmi)

08. A Saudade Mata a Gente (Antônio Almeida – João de Barro)

09. Preparando um Luminoso (Capinan – Joyce)

10 .Pra Saber de Nada (Joyce)

11 .Caminho pro Sol (Sergio Flaksman – Nelson Ângelo)


Créditos: Zecalouro

One thought on “Joyce – Encontro Marcado (1969)

  1. Zeca's text as found on loronix:

    The first Joyce recording as a singer was in 1964, as member of Conjunto Sambacana, since then, Joyce has recorded 21 solo discs. The first Joyce LP from 1968 self titled from Philips is already available at Loronix. The second and the last for this label, Joyce – Encontro Marcado (1969) was produced by Nelson Motta with arrangements by Luiz Eça.

    Luiz Eça made orchestrated arrangements to this LP. If you are familiared with the later smooth and easy to listen Joyce recordings it will be a surprise to hear to this one, Joyce was still fine-tuning his singing and interpretation skills.


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