Јоãо Gilbеrtо – Dеsаfinаdо

I am temporary pausing the “make a request” series for a special reason:

A long, long time ago I bought on a Belgrade street a disc with several mp3 albums on it. Among others, on it was the album I am presenting now.

The frequent visitor of my site will ask himself the obvious question:

Why is a notorious admirer of erotic female voices posting a male singer performing 20 compositions on one compilation album and adding a bonus track?

This question will remain unanswered…

But this mystery should not stop you from enjoying, at your own risk, these songs::

01. Corcovado
02. Você E Eu
03. Desafinado
04. Meditação
05. Samba De Uma Nota Só
06. Chega De Saudade
07. Rosa Morena
08. O Pato
09. Saudade Da Bahia
10. Manha De Carnival
11. O Amor Em Paz
12. O Barquinho
13. Insensatez
14. Coisa Mais Linda
15. Samba Da Minha Terra
16. Doralice
17. Este Seu Olhar
18. É Luxo Só
19. Outra Vez
20. Discussão

Bonus Track:

21. Ho-ba-la-la


Créditos: Marc Fischer

4 thoughts on “Јоãо Gilbеrtо – Dеsаfinаdо

  1. Milan,

    compilation with good sound, I think the source for this disc was the “O Mito” CD compilation . But on the cover is a picture of Tom Jobim, strange.
    You credit Marc Fischer, the german writer who wrote a book about his search of Joao Gilberto in Rio in 2010 and who killed
    himself after finishing the book.
    Did you were in contact with him?


  2. Yes, Frank it is all quite mysterious. This compilation is picks out of the three albums Gilberto and Jobim recorded together. Maybe that is the reason why Jobim is on the front cover. Although I think the answer is less philosophical Probably the cover designer had no idea neither how Gilberto nor Jobim look like and did not even care about this detail.
    Marc Fischer kannte ich nicht persoenlich, habe aber vor ein paar Tage sein Buch ueber die Suche nach Gilberto gelesen. Ein ganz faszinanter Roman der, wie du selbst weisst, eine tragische Fortsetzung hat.


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