Dóris Monteiro – Dóris (1959)

Here is another re post from loronix. This time it is an album by Dóris Monteiro from 1959, about which informations were limited at the time Zeca has posted it. He wrote in the title that it were from 1962, but it looks like it was more a guess than a fact as Memória Musical dates it 1959 and so does Cantoras do Brasil. As I do not believe in the existence of time at all, it is unimportant from my point of view. Of course, a calendar or a clock, however absurd they might be, are essential to keep ut the matrix we are all living in.
Illusion or reality, enjoy it:
01. Cartão de Visita (Edgardo Luis / Nilton Pereira de Castro)
02. Sonhar (José Maria de Abreu / Jair Amorim)
03. Prelúdio Op 32 (Eduardo Dutra / Victor Dagô)
04. Argumentação (Afonso Chiodi / Lomonaco / Nanai)
05. Domingo Próximo (Alfredo Borba / Édson Borges)
06. Depois de Tanto Esperar (Armando Nunes / Othon Russo)
07. Vem Me Beijar (Erlon Chaves)
08. Uma Só Vez (Caco Velho)
09. Sempre Teu (Fernando César / João Leal Brito ”Britinho”)
10. A Saudade e Você (Fernando César)
11. O Maior Problema (Billy Blanco)
12. Sou Toda Tua (Dolores Duran / Fernando César)
Créditos: Zecalouro
P.S. My friend Augusto, the owner of the mighty Toque Musical blog has invited me to create a compilation of music for his blog which I finished and it is posted on his site. It is an album duplo em 10 polegadas which I named Meu Brasil, consisting of 2 x 8 tracks.
Augusto has been so kind to create a collection of favorite songs by his favorite singer Alaide Costa for me which has been posted some time ago on Parallel Realities: :Minha Alaide – seleção – Augusto TM


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