Alda Perdigão Com Walter Wanderley – Compacto (1960)

Some three week ago I received from Yves François, a friend from France, two songs by Alda Perdigão, a singer I like very much, she has recorded back in 1960, accompanied by the great Walter Wanderley.
Yves has downloaded these songs a long time ago from a site that is closed now, but both songs have the same fault: About 10 seconds are missing at the beginning of each track, which leads to the conclusion that the original up loader has recorded them on tape from radio.
Anyway, I had been too busy with other matters and did not have the time and concentration to do anything more than answer mails, so I delayed the presentation of these songs until I finally found time to look for a suitable cover in another reality, upload it and thought up a way to psychologically prepare the visitors of this site not to start writing comments of protest because the songs are not complete.
Complete or not, these two tracks are among the best that Alda has recorded.
So cool and easy…
Stop complaining about the missing beginnings (and have faith that maybe someone will eventually send us the complete tracks one of these days) while listening to:
1. …Samba Triste (Baden Powell / Billy Blanco)
2. …Tome Continha de Você (Dolores Duran / Édson Borges)
Créditos: Yves François
If you think that it would do your collection of great singers good to be more complete than it already is, then you can search and find on this site both her career albums and some compactos.
You can look also on Toque where you will find another compacto by Alda, as well as on Chiadophone where you can listen (and download by recording the sound with your sound recorder) four more tracks.
If you are interested in finding information about Alda‘s career, the adress to look for it is here.
Rapidshare has changed it’s rules once more in a blunt public display of insatiable greed, limiting free users in downloading files even more. As Parallel Realities Studio is completely non commercial, without any advertising, and everything that is published is completely free for all interested, I don’t think that it is a good idea to continue using Rapidshare services anymore as I do not want to force my visitors to become premium users
I received complaints the last few days from friends who are unable to download anything. Although, for me it works (I do not have a premium account), I accept that probably others have problems.
Therefore I am changing to MEGAUPLOAD.
As it is not possible for me to transfer all old files from Rapidshare to MEGAUPLOAD at once, due to my quite slow internet connection, I will try to do it gradually.
Anyway, I added the MEGAUPLOAD link for this post right now.
I hope that it will work without problems for all.
P.S. If you wonder why I have chosen MEGAUPLOAD, the reason is simple: When I download something, the easiest way for me to do it is using this particular service..

6 thoughts on “Alda Perdigão Com Walter Wanderley – Compacto (1960)

  1. Uma rara postagem, uma pena que fica apenas para os que podem pagar ao rapidshare que não permite mais dowloads para quem não pague.

    Com uma flor em cada mão e muito amor no coração

    Dennys Petrucci

  2. Me permita discordar de sua opinião, porque entrei no link as 20h16m e até agora (23h46m) não sai da tela e nem sinal de vida.
    O Rapidshare está tentando bloquear os dowloads gratuitos e agora conseguiu.

    Com uma flor em cada m~çao e muito amor no coração

    Dennys Petrucci

  3. Amigo Milan, concordo com o Dennys e acho que nem segunda feira nem nunca mais, porque desde o dia que você publicou eu tento e não aidanta.

    O rapidshare tenta bloquear dowloads gratuitos faz uns 4 anos e agora conseguiu.

    Um abraço e boa semama


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