Al Quincas – Cocktail para Dois (1956)

Tonight I am re posting from loronix an album by the tenor sax player Al Quincas, one of those that are being played quit often in my place. Unfortunately it is the only one he recorded as sax player. More about his career you can find in the first comment where I have copied the original Zeca’s text.
The compositions are::
01. Cocktails For Two (A. Johnston / S. Ocalow)
02. Donne Moi (Charles Aznavour / Gilbert Bécaud)
03. Lisboa Antiga (Galhardo / Vale / Raul Portela)
04. Stranger In Paradise (R. Wright / G. Forrest)
05. Moritat (Kurt Weill / Bertold Brecht)
06. Pobres de Paris (La Goualante Du Pauve Jean) (Marguerite Monnot)
07. C’est a Hambourg (Marguerite Monnot)
08. Memories Are Made Of This (T. Gilkson / R. Dehrs / F. Miller)
Créditos: Zecalouro

One thought on “Al Quincas – Cocktail para Dois (1956)

  1. Zeca's text as was published on loronix:
    It will be difficult to explain this post, featuring the only LP released by the tenor saxophonist Al Quincas. This is an album that was here for quite a time, but I never had a reason for sharing with the community since I did not have any information about Al Quincas. I'm happy the situation has changed a lot when I spoke with Jorge Mello a couple of weeks ago. Jorge Mello investigations on Garoto personal diary, interviews with Fafa Lemos and research on Musidisc legacy revealed that Trio Surdina had recorded the first four albums with the original formation (Garoto, Fafa Lemos and Chiquinho do Acordeon) and the reaming Trio Surdina albums with Al Quincas (as violin player), Nestor Campos (guitar) and El Gaucho (accordion).

    This is Al Quincas – Cocktail para Dois (1956), for Musidisc, featuring Al Quincas tenor sax with a not credited orchestral accompaniment. Perhaps Jorge Mello has additional information about Al Quincas, a tenor sax player that changed to violin when recorded for Trio Surdina, a very interest story and musician.


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