Nora Ney – Mundo Diferente – Compacto Duplo (1963)

A few days ago I received a compacto duplo by Nora Ney, released in 1963, from Eduardo Carvalho. I must confess that I did not know that such a compacto duplo by Nora ever existed. Unfortunately Eduardo did not have the original cover, but he sent me, together with the four tracks, also scans of both sides of the compacto itself and I included them of course inside the zip.
To get a cover I took the usual trip through parallel realities, as the simple, time honoured logic derived out of the existence of an infinite number of realities coexisting parallel to ours, says that everything that is possible must exist in one of those realities.
The logic proved right as always.
Of course, if you think that it is all far fetched, you are free to consider the cover as a Parallel Realities Studio creation.
One way or another, enjoy these four compositions:
1. Mundo Diferente (Luis Oliveira Maia / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
2. E a Vida Continua (Evaldo Gouveia / Jair Amorim)
3. Hora Final (Dora Lopes / Genival Melo)
4. João Da Silva (Billy Blanco)
Créditos: Eduardo Carvalho


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