Sônia Santos (1975)

Here is an album by another forgotten singer called Sônia Santos.
If you ask me about her life & career I can tell you just a few facts:
1. She has recorded only 3 LP s, and this one presented here is the first one.
2. Her second album (Crioula 1977) was posted on loronix a long time ago.
3. Great sambas, cool for a party.
4. This recording is a present to us all from Eduardo Carvalho.
If you ask how she sounds, then I would recommend to download and enjoy these tracks:
01. Madeira de Lei (Lino Roberto / Wilson Medeiros)
02. Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo / Pereira Costa)
03. Berimbau Amarelo (Catoni / Bira)
04. Chorinho Fora de Tempo (José Itamar de Freitas)
05. Hipocrisia (Lino Roberto / Wilson Medeiros)
06. Até Breve (Élton Medeiros / Cristóvão Bastos)
07. Verde e Branco (Lino Roberto)
08. Adeus América (Geraldo Jacques / Haroldo Barbosa)
09. Quando Você Refletir (Lino Roberto / Wilson Medeiros)
10. Não Sei (Noca da Portela / Mauro Duarte)
11. Pátria Amada (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
12. Recenseamento (Assis Valente)
Créditos: Eduardo Carvalho

4 thoughts on “Sônia Santos (1975)

  1. Milan, Sônia Santos released in last years more 3 albums together with the singer called Ana Gazzola in a serie called “Brasil Brazil”. All this albums of this series are to sell on good virtual shops of CD's and mp3's called CDBaby and Tradebit:

    See more in that links:

    Sônia Santos & Ana Gazzola-“Brasil Brazil 1”


    Sônia Santos & Ana Gazzola-Brasil Brazil 2″


    Sônia Santos & Ana Gazzola-“Brasil Brazil 3”


    She released also an album together with musician Pablo Medina, called “Bossa, Ballads & Boleros”:


    And a new album solo too in 1997, called “Sorte”:


  2. An information: exists another singer, white, called too Sônia Santos. I don't know if the album “Bossas, Baladas E Boleros” is sung by Sônia Santos black singer or white singer.


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