Roberto Inglez and his Orchestra – Samba Samba (1951)

I left my computer and slsk open for several hours and when I approached it again I received a pleasant surprise. An album which I lined up for download from an user called kill pop tarts (who is even more rarely online than me), was complete in my incoming folder.
A rarity, probably the first album (a 10′ to be precise) recorded by Maestro Roberto Inglez a crazy Scottish gentlemen who spent many years working hard (with Dalva de Oliveira and other suspicious characters) in South America, instead of enjoying mist, rain and boredom in Great Britain.
The eight compositions are:
1. Samba Samba (E.Warner / Bob S.Howard)
2. Brazil (S.K.Russel / Ary Barroso)
3. Os Quindins de Yaya (Ary Barroso)
4. Whistle Samba (Joel de Almeida)
5. Chi-baba Chi-baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep) (Mack David / Al Hoffman / Jerry Livingston)
6. Zacatecas (Bom-ba) (Milton Leeds / Ted Varnick)
7. Mocking Bird (Harold Geller)
8. Dengozo (Ernesto Nazareth)
Créditos: kill pop tarts


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