Paulinho e Seus Night Boys – Certinho para Dancar (1961)

The first of three para dançar recordings by Paulinho e Seus Night Boys, released in 1961. Beautiful cover and music.
Enjoy this dance while reading Zecalouro‘s text as it was originaly published on loronix and can be found here inside the first comment:
01. Murmúrio (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
02. Dans Mon Ile (M. Pan / H. Salvador)
03. All My Tomorrow (S. Cahn / J. V. Heusan)
04. Badenbop (Baden Powell / Paulo)
05. I’ll Remember April (De Paul / Paye / Johnson)
06. Ri (Luis Antônio)
07. Crespúsculo (Silvio Viana)
08. Indiscretion (Cahn / Weston / Cicognini)
09. Se Você Disser Que Sim (Luis Bandeira)
10. Moonlight In Vermont (Suessdorf / Blackburn)
Créditos: Zecalouro

6 thoughts on “Paulinho e Seus Night Boys – Certinho para Dancar (1961)

  1. Zeca's original text about this LP as was published on loronix:
    This is Paulinho e Seus Night Boys – Certinho para Dancar (1961), for RCA Candem. Paulo Nunes, mostly known as Paulinho was a famous guitarist at Copacabana nightclubs, playing at Arpege with Waldir Calmon and Boite Drink from Djalma Ferreira. Certinho para Dancar is his debut LP. He recorded three albums for RCA Candem, all them with the accompaniment of Seus Night Boys group, featuring piano, guitar, drums, organ and percussion with non identified members. The record follows the standards of “Conjuntos de Boate” of that time, instrumental music mixing Sambas, Rumbas and American standards.

  2. Hello Milan,

    thank you very much for all the Loronix reposts. There is a mistake
    in the tracklist (by Zeca). The track “Bandebop” is “Badenbop” an early Baden Powell composition.

  3. Thanks Frank, I didn't check and compare the thracklist with the one printed on the back cover.
    I did check google translate though to see what the mysterious word “Bandebop” meant, but of course, got no result. Now it is all clear…
    I have updated the post.


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