Fafá de Вelém – Grandes Amores (1987)

When presenting this nice lady for the first time on Parallel Realities I complained that her recording from the eighties are impossible to find.
Well, looks like I have been wrong. In the meantime I managed to find several of them (don’t ask where, as I lost the notepad document where I have written it down), like this one with a front cover that could as well be decorating the front page of an 18+ magazine…
In short: Quite according to my taste.
Besides admiring the cover, there is also the possibility to listen to these songs:
01. Tudo Pode o Amor (All In Love Is Fair) (Stevie Wonder / Vrs. Fafá de Вelém)
02. Meu Dilema (Michael Sullivan / Leonardo)
03. Fazendo Fumaça (J. Michiles)
04. Personagem (Mauro Motta / Carlos Colla)
05. Grandes Amores (Fafá de Вelém)
06. Motivos (Leonardo / Michael Sullivan)
07. Lambadas III:
Negue (J. Michiles)
Ti Ti Ti (Fernando Lelis / Jacinto José)
Só Vai Dar Você (Alípio Martins / Marcelle)
Cheiro no Cangote (Alípio Martins / Marcelle)
Forró Fogoso (J. Michiles)
08. Coisas Mais Loucas (Michael Sullivan / Paulo Massadas)
09. Tua Presença (Maurício Duboc / Carlos Colla)
10. Amores (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)


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