Beth Carvalho e João Nogueira – O Grande Presidente (1989)

A long time ago I have placed this LP upon my Santa Claus in an effort to complete my Beth Carvalho collection. Shortly after, it appeared on a site called Samba É Eterno, so I redded the entry in the list and created a link to the particular post on the site (the usual procedure). Unfortunately the download link is down for a long time and this site has not been updated for more than a year, so I decided to post it here as the chances that the link will be renewed are low indeed.
01. Doutor Getúlio (Chico Buarque / Edu Lobo)
02. Diplomata (Henrique Gonçalves)
03. Pandeirinho (Padeirinho)
04. Sessenta E Um Anos de República (Silas de Oliveira / Mano Décio da Viola)
05. Retrato do Velho (Haroldo Lobo / Marino Pinto)
06. Legado de Getúlio Vargas (Silas de Oliveira / Walter Rosa)
07. Ele Disse (Edgar Ferreira)
08. 24 de Agosto (Jaguarão)
09. Trabalhadores do Brasil (Luís Wanderley)
10. Hino da Legalidade (Demóstenes Gonsalez / Lara de Lemos/Paulo César)
Créditos: Samba É Eterno
P.S. Simon Boutman has been updating his Unbreakable Microgrooves with some spectacular recordings in the last few days: Delora Bueno and Creusa Cunho (both previosly unknown to me) with recordings from 1962 and 1963…
Then, there is Pocho‘s Parada Dançante 2 (1957) from my Santa Claus list and much more. A visit is highly recomended.

2 thoughts on “Beth Carvalho e João Nogueira – O Grande Presidente (1989)

  1. Thank you! Milan!

    In fact, this record is one I was searching for a long time! Love Beth Carvalho's Records!!


    S. Boutman.


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