Fafá de Вelém – Estrela Radiante – Compacto Duplo (1979)

Presenting another “First time on Parallel Realities Studio” diva: Fafá de Вelém.

From a blogger point of view her career LPs can be classified into three categories: Those that are commercially available, those that can be found on other sites and those that are unavailable (the third category covers mostly albums form the eighties).
As I am doing my best to post exclusivities here, I had to turn my attention upon a fourth category: Her singles and EPs, of which I do have several in my collection.
For tonight, to calm down my friends in Brasil, whose nervousness is probably increasing over the second round of the presidential elections, I have decided to post the Estrela Radiante compacto duplo from 1979, which radiates some cool vibrations:
Vibrate to these compositions:
1. Que Me Venha Esse Homem (David Tygel / Bruna Lombardi)
2. Pergunte o Que Quiser (Antônio Galdino)
3. Sob Medida (Chico Buarque)
4. Estrela Radiante (Walter Queiroz)
P.S. Marcello Gaspar has recently posted her album Crença from 1980 on his Feito pra ouvir.


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