Аbеl Fеrrеirа – No Tempo do Cabaré (1975)

Sometimes I find a recording I like very much and then I start searching for others by the same artist. I start with music sites, then I look in all hidden places I can think of.
So it was this time: I enjoyed Аbеl Fеrrеirа‘s Jantar Dançante Vol.2, found on Vinyl Maniac‘s site. Fantastic music from 1959…
After the usual procedure I managed to find a few other albums by him, including this one I am presenting to you now.
Honestly speaking it is not so good as the one mentioned before, but it does have an advantage: It is (as far as I know) not available anywhere else.
So enjoy these tracks:
Lado 1
01. Gosto que me enrosco – (Sinhô)
02. Corta Jaca ( Chiquinha Gonzaga)
03. Tatu subiu no pau ( Eduardo Souto)
04. Polquinha Mineira – (Аbеl Fеrrеirа)
05. Rato Rato ( Casiniro G. Rocha – Claudino M. Costa)
06. Brejeiro ( Ernesto Nazaré)
Lado 2
07. Seu Rafael ( Caninha)
08. Limpa banco ( Armando Martinez Vieira)
09. Cristo nasceu na Bahia (Sebastião Cirino – Duque)
O Pé de anjo (Sinhô)
Ta-hi! Pra você gostar de mim (Joubert de Carvalho)
10. Dá nela (Ari Barroso)
Segura esta mulher (Ari Barroso)
11. Pelo telefone ( Donga-Mauro de Almeida)
12. Tango da meia-noite (Аbеl Fеrrеirа)
Créditos: frevodobloco / ripped by: Antônio Augusto dos Santos

3 thoughts on “Аbеl Fеrrеirа – No Tempo do Cabaré (1975)

  1. Thanks folks, these kind of mistakes happen occasionaly. Good that people react and point it out.
    I added the link.

    300discos, that is good news! I am glad that Microgrooves is updated. And this recording is something I have wanted to hear ever since I found out that it existed at all.


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