Peruzzi E Orquestra RGE – Dança das Horas – Compacto Duplo (1961)

Previous post was maestro Peracchi, this time it is maestro Peruzzi. Beside the similar sounding names there are other similarities shared by these two artists…
Anyway, you will probably agree that it is not a good idea that I write about history and background of Brasilian music and artists. It is a topic for people from Brasil as they know better than me. The best I can do is find music that I believe is worth sharing for any reason and to publish texts written by experts.
Take this as an invitation.
If you want you may send me your text about any artist whose music is presented on Parallel Realities, either in Portuguese or in English, and I will add it to the original post.
While meditating about this offer, enjoy the music:
1. Dança das Horas – “La Gioconda” (A.Ponchielli)
2. Jesus, A Alegria dos Fesejos HumanosCoral da Cantata n.147 (J.S.Bach)
3. Pizzicati – do Balé Sylvia” (Leo Délibes)
4. Valsa das FloresBaléQuebra Nozes“, Opus 71 (P.L.Tchaikowsky)
Posle Perrachia i Peruzzija, teško je uzdržati se od postavljanja sledećeg pitanja:


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