Cid Gray – Soirée Dançante 2 (1959)

Santa Claus works in miraculous ways. The first album in the Soirée Dançante trilogy by Cid Gray has just been published on my friend’s site: Trackfinder Brazil, and he also sent me the cover for this second part, as he knew that I have the album but not the cover.
So after a long wait I am able to present to you Renato de Oliveira aka Cid Gray in Soirée Dancante Vol.2.
Dance to the tracks:
01. Chá-chá-chá Baiano (Getúlio Macedo)
02. Este Seu Olhar (Tom Jobim)
03. La Habanera (Da Ópera ”Carmen”) (Bizet)
04. Siete Notas de Amor (Santiago Alvarado)
05. Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)
06. Pity Pity (J. Ergas / S. Lawrence)
07. Recado (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
08. Ontem e Hoje (Getúlio Macedo / Irany de Oliveira)
09. The Diary (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield)
10. Mon Oncle (F. Barcellini / H. Contet / J. C. Carriere)
11. Lamento (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
12. Stupid Cupid (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield)
Créditos: Dimas Som – music / The Trackfinder – front cover


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