Orquestra Cid Gray – Tudo OK com Cid Gray (1962)

To continue with maestros and orchestras (I’m listening to a lot of instrumental music these days), here is Cid Gray with his orchestra…
A name presented for the first time on Parallel Realities.
EDIT: Cid Grey is another identity of Renato de Oliveira (thanks to Bossanov from Moscow for this information). An album Cid recorded in 1960 under his real name can be found on toque.
01. Tu Sabes (Joaquim Taborda)
02. The Green Leaves Of Summer (Paul Francis Webster / Dimitri Tiomkin)
03. Me da Risa (Faz-me Rir) (F. Yoni / E. Arias)
04. A Escondida (L. Araque)
05. Egoismo (Moisés Zouain)
06. Escandalo (Ruben Fuentes / Rafael Cardenas)
07. Stephanie (A. Czibulka)
08. Bo Bo Bom (Waldir Azevedo)
09. Depois das Dez (Renato de Oliveira)
10. Makin’ Love (Chega) (Robinson / A. Salvet / J. Plait)
11. Rumores (son Rumores) (Joaquim Prieto / Vrs. Diogo Mulero ”Palmeira”)
12. Legata a Un Granello Di Sabbia (F. D. Marchetti / Fidenco)

2 thoughts on “Orquestra Cid Gray – Tudo OK com Cid Gray (1962)

  1. Hi Milan!
    Do you know that Cid Grey is the nickname of Renato de Oliveira?
    All the best from Moscow

  2. Hi Bossanov,
    I did know that it a nick for a famous musician, but I did not know that it is Renato de Oliveira.
    Thanks for the information.
    All the best from Belgrade


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